“I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you…..” 

That’s what was said so that’s what I heard. There was always something about him, so calm and quiet. 

I knew there was a secret. I knew there was something but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. 

We had recently broke up because I could sense there was something up. He said he wanted us to be forever, but there was something he needed to tell me. 

At last- he wanted to be honest. He wanted us to be better. I was ready to hear and receive whatever was going to be put on the table.

We had been together for at least a year at this point. And we just always kept getting right back together. But this felt really different. I said I’d drive down to his right there and then but he said no- in a few days. We arranged to meet on thrusday- I was working locally and would make my way after work to his. 

I was excited and nervous at the same time, he’d always been such a quiet, introverted guy so I felt privileged that he would share something with me. 

Fast forward to the day, I met him at his. I was hungry so we went to a Greek restaurant not far from his.  

We sat down and I could tell he was apprehensive and pussy footing around- I got tired and just said- I love you and I’ll support you through anything, everything. But I won’t support you if I find out years down the line, something you should have told me now. 

He then proceeded to tell me that there is a girl saying she is pregnant, and she’s saying it’s his. 

I began to shake, and hyperventilate. He told me he was joking- asked the waiter for the bill and we left to go to his. 

He then told me again. I cried- he said I’m sorry and then I guess we could mark that the beggining of the end. 

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